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Product: Unagi Origin: China Sizes: 7oz, 8oz, 9oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz.

Eel larval body length and body length is about 6 cm, weight 0.1 grams, but its head small, body high, thin and transparent photograph leaves in general, so called "Lancet fish". It's almost like fluid and seawater, so can very easily with the currents for long distance drift feeding. From the spawning ground drift back to the Kuroshio Current then flows back to the Taiwan sea about six months, arrived at the shore before a month before the initiation of metamorphosis is having an elongated body and a transparent eel line, also known as glass fish. So in December to January the fishermen will be busy on the coast near the mouth of the hand fork to catch was about to anadromous elvers to sold to farmers. Farmers in the buy back after stocking slowly into color, yellow and silver eel elver. Under natural conditions, the maximum individual can be caught is 45 cm, weight 1600 grams。

Product: Hokkigai Origin: Canada Sizes: Various.

North send shellfish[Spisula sachalinensis(Schrenck)], also known as Sakhalin Island thick clam, is a large water shellfish, distribution in the northern Japan, Russia, and Okhotsk Sea coast, Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and the Korean Peninsula northern subarctic waters, the research has 50 years of history·

Product: Soft Shell Crabs Origin: Burma/Thailand Sizes: 60g - 200g

Crab life after 13 faded shell and grow up every time the metamorphosis is new life begins with a general, in the shelling also took off his gill, food bag, visceral, and the body is not the original trace of dirt. Soft shell crab in nature is very rare, because the crab shell will be new in a few hours after the shelling exposed to water and gradually harden. Soft shell crab is valuable because only in just a few hours of shedding in systemic soft.

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