Sales: Jim He
Tel: (1)778-829-0873
Address: 55Orion Wharf Rd,
Newellton RR1,Clarks Harbour,
Nova Scotia, B0W 1P0, Canada

Atlantic Chican Seafood Ltd is a manufacture plant located in Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax, mainly focus on Live Canadian lobsters and Spot Prawn. On the side, we also sell Hokkigai and Unagi all over the world. We are able to supply our products to our customers all year round. Our quality for Lobsters, Spot Prawn, Unagi are the best of the best. We have lot of experience staff checking the quality for every shippments. So, we can guarantee our products to ship all over the world, like China, US, Russia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Holland, Spain and etc.

We are located on Cape Sable Island, the lobster capital of the world.

The business was a Newell family fish business that had four generations that participated in it's operation. This business was one of the oldest fish operations on Cape Sable Island. In 1933, Irving Newell and his son, Crowell, began the business on a small scale at Orion Wharf in Newellton.

In later years, Irving turned his fish business over to his son's, Harvey & Grant. The company became known as "Newell Brothers" and bought fish under that name.

In 1958, Grant Newell formed G.M. Newell LTD, buying lobster.

In 1975, Grant's two sons, Thomas and Paul, formed T & P Fisheries LTD., and bought lobster. Two years later, in 1977, Thomas and Paul took over G.M. Newell LTD.

In 2013 the business was sold and is now operating under Atlantic Chican Seafood. Atlantic Chican Seafood is owned by Mr. Shang long He and operates as a Seafood & Lobster Buyer & Processor. We currently ship live lobster to Asia, Europe, and the United States. We are a registered and CFIA approved plant for shipping. The plant has been through some major renovations with the addition of a new lobster tank holding facility. We buy fresh Atlantic Lobster from mainly district 33 & 34 and other districts that are in season. Our facility receives live lobster that goes through a process of grading into sizes and checking the quality of each lobster that is then stored in our tanks. Prior to shipments the quantity and size of each lobster is taken from the tanks and packed immediately in 30 lb boxes that are CFIA approved.

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